Lately I watched the Netflix show Marco Polo (which is GORGEOUS by the way) and was reminded of the amazing pictures I saw by Jimmy Nelson for his project Before They Pass Away in which he photographed tribes from all over the globe.


The tribe that fascinated me most were the Kazakhs from Mongolia. Feast your eyes on these:


jimmy nelson kazakh mongolia jimmy nelson kazakh mongolia jimmy nelson kazakh mongolia

©Jimmy Nelson


I went to Pinterest and started collecting images from various tribes and doodling. I liked this one sketch I did of some Mongolian children and decided to scan it in and put some color on it. Here’s the result!


mongolia mongolian children feed brother sister cute

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Sankt Martin

Each year around winter, I get a little « homesick ».

France is nice, but cold winter nights are just more magical in Germany. There are christmas markets, Glühwein, a sense of cosiness that I can’t find here.

On november 11th, german children get to walk in processions with paper lanterns (and to eat lots of pastries afterwards). I used to love St. Martin’s Day when I was a child. This Year on November 11th I got to sit at home all day long anyway, so I decided yo draw a little procession.

I bit off more than I could chew because it took me a really long time to finish it… but here it goes!


sankt martin, lanterns, november, children, lights

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