Inktober: Day 6

I was planning on doing an other movie today, but nothing turned out the way I wanted. I panicked and turned to Leeloo, figuring it would be fun to try out my Muji 6-in-1 Colour Pen!

Inktober is a real chalenge because I have to whip out a « finished piece » without having the time to work on it for more than a few hours. I feel like in a month I will look back on the drawings I posted and cry a little, but right now I’m only proud to be able to hang on for almost a week. Only 25 days left to go!

leelo fifth element fan art inktober

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Inktober: Day 1

This year, I decided to participate in Inktober!

During the whole month of October, I will post a drawing in ink per day. I’m super motivated to participate this year and decided to make some movie and TV-show fan art. I hope that I’ll learn a lot!

So here you go, the first illustration for day 1: X-Files (I’m binge watching it for the first time, obviously it’s amazing).

inktober X-files Xfiles mulder scully ink illustration fan art

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I’m back from Japan and still working on the millions of photos I took there.

In the meantime I went to watch Mad Max: Fury Road and it blew my face off! What an amazing movie! I couldn’t resist drawing Furiosa. So here it goes.


furiosa mad max fanart illustration


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