52 Week Illustration Challenge – Week 4: Swimming

52 Week Illustration Challenge mermaid swimming goldfish water

I had a really hard time drawing a mermaid… who would have thought?

When I was a child, my favorite movie was Disney’s Little Mermaid. I watched over and over again, admiring her hair floating around.  I didn’t want to draw something resembling disney mermaids, so I went for a goldfish look.

I found it hard to create an interesting shape for her hair, I wish I could animate it… and I need the bubbles… THE BUBBLES! (can’t you hear them in your head?)

ariel disney hair animated gif little mermaid

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52 Week Illustration Challenge – Week 3: Themepark

I was really clueless as to what I could draw for the Themepark theme. I didn’t want to do a huge and complicated drawing with rollercoasters and colors and insanity and spend hours and hours working on it.

So I thought about the stuff I like about themeparks and my mind went to DisneySea in Japan when I first went there last year. I was amazed by the amount of girls who were wearing costumes and were running around with park merchandise and popcorn buckets. They were so cute!

52 Week Illustration Challenge disney sea disneysea japan color pencils illustration snow white duffy bear

I decided to use my Faber-Castell Polychromos color pencils for the illustration. I think they can give drawings a nice « children’s book » feel.

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52 Week Illustration Challenge – Week 2: Outdoors

Still following the 52-Week Illustration Challenge! The theme of the second week was « Outdoors ». Now that I’m living in the land of bears, I imagined that an encounter with a bear in the wild would be an awesome thing to draw.

Here is the final piece:

I spent a lot of time on this one. I am really a slow worker when it comes to creating a finished piece. I noticed it for the first time when I was working on inktober. I start over and over again and do 1000 sketches searching for a style. Do I want something more realistic or more cartoony? Make up your mind, woman!

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First post of 2016 : projects for this year!

Happy new year guys! Haven’t posted in a while, but as always I have EXCUSES!

This year is a great new start for me, I’m in a new country on a new continent, starting a new life!

Since I moved in October, my Inktober challenge was a huge fail. I did a few more drawings I haven’t posted here yet, maybe I will one day though. Even if Inktober did not work out for me, I liked the challenge of having to create drawings regularly. Once a day can be really difficult though, so I went on the search for a new challenge that would be less demanding but still interesting and I found the 52-week Illustration Challenge.

What is the 52-week Illustration Challenge? It is a Facebook group with illustrators and people who just like to draw, where a new theme is imposed each week.

The theme for the first week was Fancy dress. So I drew a Versailles style dress… what’s more fancy than that?

I want to work on more traditional media this year. I have always worked with my old Wacom Intuos tablet, but lately I get really impatient with it. Maybe because I get more and more interested in linework, which is really annoying to do with a tablet. I guess a Cintiq would make this job easier, but I don’t have that kind of money right now and I’m no professional, so I guess I need to stop obsessing about it.

gif colbert give it to me now

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