Aurélie in Wonderland

Welcome to a post in which I will brag about my awesome summer with some photos, but that will eventually also contain a drawing, so stick with me!

A month ago, I spent a few days in french paradise.

I was invited to a really small town near Bordeaux for my friend Aurélie’s birthday. We spent the week-end in the most adorable farm house with the most luxurious garden.

jardin porte garden doorgardenBommes 2014-004Roses garden


The vineyards, the castles, the fresh air… sometimes I really miss the country! Paris is amazing in some ways, but I guess I will always be a small town girl at heart.

horse vineyardcastle chateau vineyard grapesvineyard cat

To celebrate Aurélie’s birthday, I decided to draw a birthday card. My very first watercolour painting!

The birthday theme was Flamingos and she had a friend make a flamingo croquet like in disney’s  » Alice In Wonderland ». I thought the flamingo scene from the movie would make a nice card.

Alice in Wonderland flamingo aquarelle watercolor

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