3 Weeks in Japan – Part 2: Kyoto

Yes, we’re still in Kyoto. As I said it was my favourite destination and I took a TON of pictures.

After a long day outside Kyoto, visiting Arashiyama and its surroundings, we were late to visiting Fushimi Inari-taisha. The guides says that it takes 4 hours to visit this shrine, known for its long torii path up a mountain.

We arrived there for the golden hour and decided to push forward and see what it looks like in the dark. We went up quite far and admired an amazing view, but didn’t go to the top because it started to get late and we were hungry! So we went to look for some okonomiyaki… delicious!

Fushimi Inari-taisha japan night kyotoFushimi Inari-taisha japan night

Fushimi Inari-taisha lamps kyoto japanFushimi Inari-taisha view night kyoto


Golden pavillon Kinkaku-ji kyoto japan


Enkō-ji Temple jizo statue kyoto

Enkō-ji Temple kyoto japan

Enkō-ji Temple gardens kyoto japan


Philosopher's Walk kyoto Japan

The philosopher’s walk must be amazing during the sakura season! we were lucky enough to get there before it ended, but there were only a few flowers left.Philosopher's Walk kyoto Japan

Philosopher's walk kyoto japan sakura
Food of the day: delicious tonkatsu and green tea cream puffs!


To-ji temple kyoto japan

temple door

Behold! The heron vs. cat stand-off!

When you are entering a temple or a shrine you can wash your hand, sometimes face, sometimes you can even drink the water. Just purify yourself, fool!

For our last night, we went to see a « traditional arts » performance. We saw a tea ceremony, flower arrangements, a maiko dance and a puppet performance. It’s really touristy but I loved it!

gion kyoto japan

That’s it time to say goodbye to Kyoto…

temple mont kyoto japan

… See you soon for the next destination: Koyasan and Nara!

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