3 Weeks in Japan – Part 5: Hiroshima & Tokyo

On our way back to Tokyo, we made a short stop in Hiroshima. We stayed one night only but were able to see a lot of places in the city. Sadly we had no time to visit Miyajima.

Everything is at walking distance, which makes visiting the city really easy. Almost everywhere you turn you see monuments dedicated to remembering the atomic bomb and its consequences. I found it to be quite a heavy atmosphere.


Hiroshima japan statue sky Children's Peace Monument japan

hiroshima Peace Memorial japan

hiroshima castle japan

Hiroshima’s most famous food is Okonomyiaki (with noodles this time). Yummy!

Okonomyiaki hiroshima style japan food foodporn


Tokyo is so huge and there’s so much to do, I don’t even know where to begin! We stayed in Shibuya which was a great starting point to visit the city.

We were there during the golden week which means TONS OF PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!
starbucks japan

Harajuku and Yoyogi Park

Harajuku is usually the place where you can find the fashion addicts! On weekends people get dressed up and hang out at the entrance of Yoyogi Park. I’m talking funky clothing, Visual Key, Gothic Lolita, you name it! We got there on a sunday morning armed with our cameras but there were no cosplayers to be found. Damn you, golden week!

There was one guy  with a stroller full of cats to save the day though.
harajuku tokyo cats japan

When you come to Harajuku you have to get some crepes, they are insane!

harajuku crepes japan tokyo

After a good meal (so healthy too), we decided to walk through Yoyogi Park and toward Meiji-jingu shrine, where you can see a traditional Japanese wedding if you’re lucky.

Yoyogi Park sake japan tokyoYoyogi Park tokyo Japan girl balloon

Yoyogi Park Meiji-jingu japanYoyogi Park Meiji-jingu wedding japan bride groom Yoyogi Park Meiji-jingu wedding japan bride groom

Amazing views

What do you do in a city full of skyscrapers? You try to find the best views!

After sunset, we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, where you stand in line for an hour to get a free view of Tokyo. The view in and on it itself would be amazing if there wasn’t so much reflection on the windows! It drove me insane! They have a souvenir shop up there and everything is so bright, all you can look at is your own stupid face. You have to press it against the windows if you want to see anything. It’s really sad, because the view would be magical if they just turned the lights down.

We tried our luck at the Bunkyo Civic Center (25th floor) before sunset the next day and it was a better experience by far. There weren’t many people and the windows were huge.

Bunkyo Civic Center japan tokyo Bunkyo Civic Center view

The last view wasn’t free, but we wanted to see the Tokyo Tower up close. We went to the Sky Lounge Stellar Garden and had some cocktails… totally worth it!

Sky Lounge Stellar Garden tokyo japan tokyo Tower
tokyo tower japan

Ueno Park

Ueno Park is a big park in the middle of the city. There’s a lake with paddle boats and a view of the Tokyo skyline. It felt a little like Central Park to me.

ueno park japan tokyo ueno park japan tokyo

There was a place where you could play with birds like a disney princess!

ueno park japan tokyo bird ueno park japan tokyo birds ueno park japan tokyo birds

Moomin Café

We wanted to do a themed restaurant and the Moomin Café was perfect! It is a mix of cutesy Moomin shaped dishes and swedish food.

moomin café tokyo

moomin café tokyo

moomin café tokyo moomin café tokyo moomin café tokyo

We even got to meet a real life Moomin!

moomin café tokyo

The food was delicious…

moomin café tokyo

moomin café tokyo

… and you get to share you meal with a Moomin!

moomin café tokyo


Nikko is a city in the mountains outside of Tokyo, great for hiking and visiting shrines! You can buy a Pass for 1 day which contains a 2 way train ticket and an all day bus ticket.

Beware! The one Day bus ticket is only valid between the train station and the Shinkyo Bridge. If you pass the bridge you will have to pay… and boy, did we pay! But we were rewarded with a monkey!

Nikko japan

nikko japan monkey nikko japan monkey

There are several shrines in Nikko, Toshogu Shrine being the biggest. When we went to see it  we were discouraged by the number of people inside and decided to go see Taiyuinbyo instead. It was amazing and nearly empty… I don’t get it!

Taiyuinbyo Iemitsu Mausoleum nikko japan Taiyuinbyo Iemitsu Mausoleum nikko japan Taiyuinbyo Iemitsu Mausoleum nikko japan

Taiyuinbyo Iemitsu Mausoleum nikko japan

I think it is definitely worth spending the night in Nikko, there’s so much nature we didn’t get to see. Hiking there must be amazing.

nikko japan stacked rocks

Shinkyo Bridge nikko japan

This is the end of our trip. Japan is an amazing country and I would definitely like to return one day. The food, the nature, the people… Everything was great! You should not hesitate to buy a ticket!

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