It’s that frightening time of year again!

Personally, I hate horror movies. I can not watch them without ending up terrified for months. When people Suggest watching a horror flick, I’m out.


snow white disney scared run


What do I watch on Halloween?
Horror movies for noobs: The Addams Family, Nightmare Before Christmas, Hokus Pokus, Ghost Busters, Shaun of the Dead… That’s enough for me!

Being a huge fan of animation movies and Nightmare Before Christmas, I could not wait to watch Coraline, not knowing that this movie was going to mess me up. It is VERY creepy… The button eyes, the other father going nuts, the smile, the music! That’s why I chose this movie for my special Halloween illustration.

Happy Halloween everybody!


Coraline fanart other mother


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Happy Birthday Mary Blair!

This week was Mary Blair‘s 103rd birthday and I thought that I should pay her a tribute.

Mary Blair was a concept artist for Disney and worked on classics like Peter Pan, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. She has a very distinct style with an amazing sense for colours.

She also designed the disney attraction « It’s a Small World », THE best way to finish a day in Disneyland with friends, screeching and singing along hysterically!

Here’s some of her concept art, I really love her environments, they look simplistic but they are so well designed and thought through.

[ezcol_1half]mary blair mermaids peter pan disney [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]mary blair alice in wonderland tea mad hatter disney [/ezcol_1half_end]

[ezcol_1half]Mary Blair Cinderella window roses disney[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Mary Blair cinderella disney castle disney[/ezcol_1half_end]

Here’s my homage. I tried copying her simplistic and cutesy style. Hope you like it!

Mary blair birthday tribute alice cinderella disney

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I haven’t posted in weeks, that’s so bad… But I have some excuses!


First of all, I enrolled in the Chris Oatley academy there are classes, homework and everything. I worked on a piece, but it is not ready yet. I might share it later.


Speaking of pieces that are not ready yet, I’ve been working on new techniques on a new piece, which is taking me forever. I hope I will be able to post it soon.


I was tired of having nothing to post so I thought: why not go back in time and dig up some sketches? Here come the scans!


art deco flapper girl 1920

flapper girl sketch pencils art apple candie balloon

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